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Money Notes

Money Flow Bootcamp

A 14-days course where I help people learn how to remove any mental barriers they have around money, so they can manifest MORE MONEY in their lives.


This program is perfect for you if:

-you believe in the power of Manifestation, and want to manifest more money WITHOUT STRUGGLE

-you want to learn how to successfully manifest money

-you want to make your yearly income your monthly income

-you're looking to remove any obstacles that keep you away from financial freedom, luxury and an abundance of money following you every single day

For next 14 days, you'll be introduced to:


The course is currently available for purchase (PRE-SALE!).

During this pre-sale, the course is offered at a discounted price of only €103, UNTIL 7 MAY!!! After which it will revert to its regular price of €355.


If you are interested in enrolling in the course LATER at its full price, please sign up for the waitlist.

You will receive an email containing enrollment details. 

Waitlist To Join MFB Later

Thanks for your interest!

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