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What if you were attracting into your life all of your desires with ease every. single. day?

…without you having to struggle everyday

…without you getting results only sometimes, like manifestation it's a lottery

…without you following strict everyday ''manifestation routines''

…AND without having to practice manifestation techniques non-stop or be positive all the time

I've turned my strategy into an easily duplicatable, step-by-step guide...

Believe it or not, manifestation is actually here to benefit YOU (even if it seems like it never worked for you before) - you just need to understand HOW to use it for it to work FOR YOU!

You’re here because you are READY to finally have a strategy in place that includes:


*Finding out your blockages/limiting beliefs

*What blocked your manifestations in the past/ what blocks them now from becoming a reality

*Best ways to manifest automatically, WITHOUT STRUGGLE

*Reshaping your belief systems & self concept to manifest EASILY ALL THE TIME

*All about manifestation, subliminals, subconscious reprogramming + more (+ everything you want to know)

*How to turn your desires into reality EVERY. SINGLE. TIME

*Planning your manifestation strategy


….and more!


My name is Tabitha, known online as Subliminal Goddess

 After spending 6 years of my life using every manifestation technique under the sun possible to achieve my desires, IT FINALLY CLICKED FOR ME. And the next two to four months after, I went from having no money to being financially abundant, traveling whenever I want to, owning my own successful business, and even manifesting marriage. I have successfully manifested love, admiration, money, transforming my identity from ''hopeless'' to EMPOWERED.


Through 8 years (and ongoing) of research in the fields of the Principles of the Universe, the Subconscious Mind, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Energy Work, and Spirituality, I have gained valuable knowledge that I want to share with others through coaching. My coaching includes specifically the outcomes of my research on myself and my students over the years.


This is the CHEAPEST Manifestation Coaching YOU'LL EVER FIND by a Certified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Coach.


I understand exactly what to avoid doing, and what to keep doing more...

I know which types of belief systems are best and manifest all the time.

I understand how to convert your blockages, self concept, past stories, and current  beliefs into EMPOWERMENT.

Basically, I study manifestation and subliminals like it’s my job (it ACTUALLY is)...

So that YOU don’t have to.

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