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Pinterest Beauty

Pinterest Beauty

Subliminal and Energy Work Benefits:


People compare me to angels and princesses

Boys and girls get butterflies in their stomach when they see me

So many people stare at me because I am flawless and hot

I'm literally the prettiest girl alive

Everyone gets lost in my beauty

My beauty is beyond compare

People gasp when they see me because I'm so beautiful

Everyone falls in love with me

Everyone thinks I'm the most perfect girl ever

It's as if I put a spell on them with my beauty

I'm so beautiful that people stutter while talking to me

I love how men stare at me wherever I go

I'm so pretty, when I walk past people I'm all they think about all day

My beauty is out of this world

Everyone that looks at me thinks ''Gosh, she's so beautiful''

My eyes are hypnotic

I just keep getting prettier

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