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Personalized Subliminal Audio

Personalized Subliminal Audio

Introducing the personalized subliminal service offered by Subliminal Goddess.


What does this mean for you? It means that you now have the ability to manifest your desired outcomes such as business success, increased wealth, a fulfilling career, attracting your specific person, experiencing love, making positive changes to your physical appearance or ANYTHING ELSE through Subliminal Goddess' personalized subliminal for you.


With this user-friendly order form, you can easily place your request, selecting your preferred formulas and choosing whether or not to include add-ons.


The pricing is structured per topic or benefit, allowing you to tailor your subliminal to your specific needs. For instance, 1 topic or benefit could be big lips OR big eyes, etc.

2 topics/benefits example: big lips AND big eyes;

3 topics/benefits example: big lips, big eyes and smooth skin; etc.


If your request exceeds 10 topics or benefits and requires a detailed description, we kindly ask you to email us at with your order. We will be delighted to discuss pricing ranges and available options with you.



  • More About Formulas & Details


    Subliminal formulas are the essence of the affirmations and language utilized within a subliminal recording or script. These formulas are carefully crafted to deliver powerful messages directly to the subconscious mind. The affirmations contained within the formulas are designed to bypass the conscious filtering mechanism and directly influence the subconscious, where lasting change can occur. By utilizing these carefully constructed formulas, listeners can tap into the transformative power of the subconscious mind and manifest their desires more effectively.


    Each formula brings its unique flavor and approach to the table, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the subliminal experience.



    The general formula features affirmations that are intentionally crafted to be general and concise, without additional details. For instance, when focusing on manifesting big lips, affirmations such as "I have big lips" or "My lips are big" would be included. These affirmations are designed to be effective while maintaining a shorter length, typically spanning half a page. Their simplicity allows for easy integration into your personalized subliminal, ensuring a streamlined and focused approach to achieving your desired results.



    *The more specific and detailed the affirmations are, the better they are able to communicate the desired outcome to the subconscious mind. This can lead to faster and more noticeable results.

    For example, if someone wants to have plump lips, they might use a subliminal affirmation that says "My lips are becoming more plump and full every day." With more detailed affirmations, the statement might be expanded to include additional details, such as "My lips are becoming more plump and full every day because my body is producing more collagen and elastin in the lip tissue."

    The detailed affirmations usually end up being 1-5 pages long.



    *My extremely detailed affirmations usually end up being PAGES long...around 10-100 pages long full of detailed affirmations, depending on the topic. These extensive affirmations allow for a thorough exploration of the desired outcome, leaving no aspect untouched. They provide a comprehensive framework to address different facets of the chosen topic, ensuring that every relevant detail is addressed and reinforced within the subconscious mind. The process of creating such detailed affirmations involves careful consideration of each aspect related to the goal at hand. This may include visualizing desired characteristics, specific actions or behaviors, emotions, or any other relevant elements associated with the desired outcome. This is my most loved and wanted formula.



    I can offer multiple subliminal formulas within each detailed affirmation topic. By using multiple formulas within a single topic, my customers can benefit from a variety of approaches and techniques for achieving their desired outcome.

    Different individuals respond differently to various methods and approaches when it comes to subconscious reprogramming. What works well for one person may not yield the same results for another. By offering multiple formulas within a single topic, I cater to the diverse needs and preferences of my customers.


  • Instructions


    1. Think carefully about what you want to achieve: Before ordering a subliminal affirmations audio, take some time to think about what you want to achieve. Consider the specific goals you have in mind and the changes you want to see in yourself.


    2. Communicate your desires clearly: When placing your order, be sure to communicate your desires clearly to me. Provide a detailed list of the specific goals you would like to hear in your subliminal audio, using clear and concise language. Example: I would like a subliminal audio for 1) Plump Lips; 2) Long Eyelashes; 3) White Teeth; 4) Attracting My Love Interest (SP).



PriceFrom €15.00
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