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Desired Face Subliminal Reiki Charged (UNISEX)

Desired Face Subliminal Reiki Charged (UNISEX)

This subliminal audio I have designed for myself in 2019. I have been using it for a long time until I have achieved my full desired face. It’s reiki charged 5 times for faster results & boosting positivity + your vibrational frequency. My facial structure changed dramatically since I have implemented this subliminal into my daily routine. I wasn’t expecting to make it public it one day as I have only designed it for myself, but many people were interested in purchasing it - so here it is today. The affirmations in the subliminal are extremely detailed. This subliminal has done so much for me. it helped me resemble my desired faces A LOT, changed my facial structure and helped my face look more mesmerizing. You can use it as many times as you’d like per day. I used to listen to it once or twice. BE careful, its proprieties ARE extremely powerful!

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    €50.00Sale Price
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